Conservation in action!

The FVTU Conservation Committee meetings/outings are held in the field on a monthly basis on the first Saturday of each month.  Our goal is to post meeting locations reasonably in advance, but please check the website by the preceding Thursday night for updates due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.  Committee meetings/outings are an ongoing opportunity to discuss or participate in new or ongoing conservation projects and are open to the public.  We are always looking for anyone interested in learning or volunteering!  It’s a great opportunity to meet some new people and to get your hands/waders/boots nice and wet n’ dirty.  We might even find a few hidden “honey-holes” along the way (shhhh – those are sworn to secrecy for conservation committee participants only)!  Current projects are:

  • Culvert Surveys
  • Water Temperature Monitoring
  • “On your own” smartphone field data collection using
    1. Aquatic insects (The River’s Calendar)
    2. Wild brooktrout (Connecticut Wild Brooktrout)
    3. Wild Trout all species (Trout Unlimited TroutBlitz)

For additional information, please contact:

Doug Jann– Conservation Committee Chair,, 203-339-1918, or

Dave Lemanski –, 860-573-7127 (call or text)

Culvert Surveys.

Temp monitoring on Thompson Brook in Avon

Doug Jann demonstrating Temp Monitoring calibration.