Kensington Hatchery Funding Update

The original budget proposed by the Governor cut the funding needed to run the Kensington Hatchery. This is the only hatchery in the state where Salmon and Seeforellen Brown Trout can be raised here in Connecticut. Closing of this hatchery would not only mean a halt or dramatic decrease in the stocking of Salmon and extinction of a unique strain of trout, but one unique and valuable education program, Salmon in the Schools, will cease to exist and another, Trout in the Classroom, will be in jeopardy. Both the Salmon in the Schools and the Trout in the Classroom programs make Science, Math and Writing concepts tangible for students.

This funding was included in the budget that the Appropriations Committee voted on in late April. Thank you to all who sent emails and letters and made phone calls. It really does make a difference!

The funding will not be completely secure until the final budget is voted on in June but currently there are no actions that need to be taken. Check back for updates in the next month.

Thanks again to all who participated in the process and made your voices heard! I hope we can count on you if we need more help!